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Monday, June 16, 2008

5 MHz New Amateur Band in US

5 MHz New Amateur Band in US

The new, restricted, amateur allocation on 5 MHz will be opened to hams as of July 3,2003.The ARRL reports that the FCC Report and Order establishing the new band was published today (June 3) in the Federal Register.The ruling takes effect 30 days after publication in the Register,meaning that the 60 meter band becomes available to amateurs at midnight, local time, on July 3.This is a unique band, with operation limited to 5 specific channels, on which hams may operate only USB with a maximum bandwidth of 2.8 kHz & maximum effective radiated power of 50 W.In order to operate on the assigned center frequencies of 5.332, 5.348,5.368, 5.373 and 5.405 kHz,hams should tune their radios in USB mode to the following readings:
5.330.5, 5.346.5, 5.366.5, 5.371.5, and 5.403.5 kHz in order to compensate for the single sideband offset from center frequency.The basics of the FCC ruling on the new band will be in the July issue of CQ, which is currently at the printer.Our August issue will include a detailed look at the FCC decision by W5YI and a 60-meter operating guide by WB6NOA

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