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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The shortest QRP's QSO record

The shortest QRP's QSO record.31/01/2003 - Last week,I visited KM1CC,the Marconi 100th Transatlantic QSO Anniversary site on Cape Cod (Massachusetts). I found the 40 m CW station politely perched on 7039 kHz and the operator was busily, but slowly, working stations one by one. I stood by his side and did not gain his attention. I leaned over to hear the CW from the speaker and he did not notice me.He also did not notice me reaching into my parka pocket as I took out my Rock-Mite in Altoids transceiver, hooked up a dummy load (a 12 inch = 30 cm clip lead)to be sure I got a little radiation, attached another Altoids box with 9 v battery, small speaker and SDST button for a key. As the operator called CQs, he did not hear the signal coming from the speaker I held about 9 inches from his ear.
I pumped away at the button on the box and answered his CQ. He heard me, at a distance of about 17 inches!I was running about 200 mW, maybe, into a dummy load with clip lead. I saw the Smeter;I was about S-6. We exchanged operator info and I gave my QTH as: NXT TO U.He looked over his pad of paper, reread his notes, and looked around, startled.
Then he saw me and the rig in my hand! We shook hands, showed off the Rock-Mite, met the other operators, and had a
real field day; I am in the log for the contact.So, I hereby claim rites as first claimant for shortest distance, confirmed QRP's QSO. (or at least for 40 meter CW mobile)!72, Eric K1NUN

A distance of about 17 inches and was running about 200 mw = 17"/0.2W = 85 inches per Watt.
If 1 mile = 63,360 inches, you got about 85/63360 or about 0.001342 miles per watt. That's like a 100 Watt transmitter at
700 feet from the receiver or a 1000 Watt TX at 13.5 miles. Indeed, there ought to be an award for that!
73, Alex KR1ST

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